About us

What is Technical Innovation Center?

Technical Innovation Center (TIC) provides training, consulting, and publications in TRIZ. As one of a handful of TRIZ providers in the nation, TIC offers high-quality services on a local, national and global basis. Training: TIC provides virtual training in the TRIZ methodology, leading to an Associate certification through the Altshuller Institute. Additional training for higher levels of proficiency is available. We also provide onsite training for 5-day Workshops developed with customer requirements.

Our approach

Our Vision
Technical Innovation Center believes that the survival of nations and companies relies on having the most productive and innovative workforce in the world.

The key to freedom and independence is being the best and working smart to achieve desired goals.

Our Mission
Technical Innovation Center has provided TRIZ training, consulting, and publishing services since TRIZ first came to America in the early 1990s.

Our years of experience have allowed us to refine the art of disseminating the use of TRIZ to companies around the world. We are constanly working to deliver the best and most comprehensive services to make our customers and partners the most innovative and productive in their industry.

What we deliver
Technical Innovation Center specializes in providing an array of comprehensive TRIZ training programs, custom solution packages, and publications for your product development or process improvements needs.
TRIZ was developed by studying 1,000’s of inventive patents. Learn how hundreds of inventors developed solutions for problems that were thought to be unsolvable. Sustained innovation and product development can be a systematic process. You can provide a stream of new products and increase your market share when you apply TRIZ. We have meticulously translated and published some of the first and finest TRIZ books in English. These books have been used for training and reference aids throughout the world. We offer our books to the public and provide excellent discounts for volume sales to support your training needs.

Our Staff

is the CEO and principal owner of Technical Innovation Center Inc. (TIC) incorporated in 1995. His primary responsibilities included Administration, Finance, Marketing, Training and Product Development. He is also a Founder, of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies in 1998. The Institute is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization to export the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) for the benefit of mankind. In 2000, Mr. Langevin became the Executive Director and Treasurer of the Institute. He attended Iowa State University on a full NROTC Regular Scholarship and graduated with a BS in Physics and Education. His diverse background in the military (Navy), science and private sector provide a rich background and perspective.

Our valued Associates
Valery Kraev
Gunter Ladewig
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