Fund Raising Opportunity

Do you need to raise $25,000 to $10,000,000+???

If your organization is looking to raise money:

  • to promote an event,
  • to sell a product,
  • to encourage attendance,
  • for a building fund for a school, etc.,
  • to provide some assistance,
  • for any good cause, then Technical Innovation Center (TIC) is ready to help you achieve your goals. In quantities in excess of 500 copies of a single title, TIC will provide deep discounts to support your needs. Instead of a cheap bag or hat, give your supporters a meaningful gift that will change their lives. 

Give the gift of Innovation and Creativity – let them see the world from another perspective.

Let us help you raise $1,000s of dollars for your charity, church, business or school.

 Call now to find out more about this exciting opportunity call {obfuscate}508-799-6700{/obfuscate} or email today.