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3-Day Intro Workshop with Certification

3-Day Intro Workshop with Associate Certification
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3 Day - TRIZ Workshop Curriculum

GOAL:           The primary goal of this training program is to build upon the base of TRIZ knowledge that you already have and improve your understanding and utilization of the TRIZ methodology. The program is designed to develop a basic awareness of TRIZ between key management and technical personnel and to prepare you to pass the certification test. Upon completion of this three-day training program, participants will be able competently to apply some TRIZ techniques toward resolving their technical problems. Participants who complete the three days and pass the certification test will achieve the level of TRIZ Associate from Altshuller Institute. With continued training and experience, participants embark on a journey of achievement that will lead them to Practitioner and then to Specialist level.

Day 1- Introduction to TRIZ - Review

     The first day is designed to provide a review and general understanding of TRIZ fundamentals and philosophy as well as an introduction to an algorithmic approach to develop and improve systems. The workshop content will view the key areas of:

  • ¨ Functional Analysis and TrimmingUnderstanding the system and identifying problem areas.
  • ¨ Laws of System Evolution Systems evolve along predetermined paths
  • ¨ Stages of System Evolution

¨         Resources – The raw materials for achieving ideal systems

  • ¨ Problem WorksheetA form to help organize and define the problem for easier diagnosis and resolution.

This information is suitable for persons involved in management, development, design, manufacturing, and marketing. This course may be offered as often as required to meet the needs of your company and changes in staffing.                             


Ø Understand the advantages of TRIZ methods.

Ø Develop a new perception of technical systems and their development.

  • Ø Understand how to improve your product and reduce costs.
  • Ø Appreciate the systematic evolution of technical systems.

Ø Improved creativity and problem-solving ability.


Day 2 - Introductory Problem Solving

          During this workshop, participants will reinforce their use the 40 Principles and the Contradiction Matrix to solve technical contradictions by solving some sample problems.

            During the later portion of this workshop, participants will spend time working on their problems with the assistance of the instructor as required. The content for the second day of this workshop will include:

  • ¨ Evolution Project – Exercise of evolution concepts
  • ¨ Contradictions The cornerstones of innovation: the most important system advances result from overcoming contradictions – both Technical and Physical.
  • ¨ Principles – These 40 Principles have been used in 1000’s of innovative solutions.
  • ¨ Multi-screen Vision of system evolution and development
  • ¨ Practice on problem formulation and exercises in using TRIZ tools and concepts to develop better familiarity. Bring your problem to discuss.


 Day 3 - Introductory Problem Solving

The content for the third day of this workshop will include review exercises for:

  • ¨ Review prior material and answer questions.
  • ¨ Resources and resource analysis
  • ¨ Scientific Effects for system development
  • ¨ Preparations for the certification test.
  • ¨ Certification Testing (4 hours)


  • Ø Appreciation for TRIZ Tools for solving problems by generating solution concepts
  • Ø Identification of the correct problem/s for resolution.
  • Ø Develop confidence in using TRIZ and establish a foundation for further study.
  • Ø Pass the certification test and earn an Associate level certification.
  • Ø 5 hours of post Workshop coaching via WebEx.

Training Materials:

  • 40 Principles: Extended Edition – ($55)
  • And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared -- ($40)
  • TRIZ – Technology for Innovation ($90)
  • Altshuller annual membership ($95)
  • Altshuller Institute Certification Test Fee for Associate level -- $150

All training materials and testing are valued at $430.00


The cost of Workshop:

3 Day Workshop includes books, handouts, and Certification Testing Fee for the small price of $2,550. Snacks and beverages provided during Workshop.

     Group Discounts:

 10% discount for 2 or more attendees from the same company for the same Workshop dates.

 20% discount for 3 or more attendees from the same company for the same Workshop dates.

A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per person is required to guarantee your seat for the designated training (substitution is allowed).

Visit our website: to review course offering and to fill in the registration form. Go to, and you will be able to pay the deposit or the entire Workshop fee including books and Certification testing fee.


3 Day Workshop Schedule –  2018


Training Dates:                   1 - 3 Feb 2018                      22 - 24 May 2018

                                             14 -16 Aug 2018                  13 – 15 Nov 2018


Hotel Accommodations:

Holiday Inn Express at 110 Summer Street, room rate is $105 plus taxes (upon availability). For reservations, call 508-757-0400. Use our Corporate ID: 100212856 or mention Technical Innovation Center Workshop. Here is a direct link to book rooms. Technical Innovation Center


Location: Workshops are held at the hotel, in the Worcester Room #420. Classes begin at 8:30 AM. You will be advised if this location is not available for the Workshop.

Onsite training:

For groups larger than 5, it may be more economical to conduct training in your facility. Instructor fee is $3,500 per day plus $400 per person for training materials & certification testing fee (maximum group of 20 trainees PLUS all transportation and lodging expenses. A $4,000 nonrefundable deposit plus estimated travel expenses are required to secure the desired training dates. Another $4,000 is required 30 days before the training date. Training date is based on customer requirements. The balance of the fee is due “net 20” upon completion of training. A Purchase Order should be issued to cover the estimated expense of this training.


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