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The main goal of this training program is to help you or your company become more innovative and competitive through the understanding and utilization of the proven TRIZ methodology. The program is designed to develop a basic awareness of TRIZ among key management and technical personnel.



If you have an innovative problem that has not been solved and is causing you a big headache, let TIC partner with you and your team to solve this ongoing issue. Let us work together to develop competence and confidence in your people to support your innovation needs.



TIC, as a Publisher, has meticulously translated, developed and published some of the first and finest TRIZ books in English. These books have been used for training and reference aids throughout the world and translated into many languages. We offer our books to the public and provide excellent discounts for volume sales to support your training needs.

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What others are saying about TRIZ...

“I found the methodology (TRIZ) to be incredibly useful from a technical standpoint and absolutely fascinating from an academic standpoint.” Johnathan Cromwell, Doctoral Student, Management, Harvard Business School - 5/15/15


"Great course - I would not have made as much progress on my own. Face to face interaction and ability to have Q&A was valuable." Lars Gilbertson, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering Dept. Tulane University. - 2/15/14

"TRIZ can help technical innovation in a systematic way and help corporations and individuals reach their peak potential." by Daniel Burrus, Burrus Research Associates, Inc.

"TRIZ is a treasure." by George Prince, Co-founder of Synnectics, Inc.

"TRIZ provides a turbo-powered additive to anyone's thought process for creating chnage." by Jerry L. Spight, President, Prizm Q, Inc.

"The true power of TRIZ cannot be measured by words alone, for it is such a diverse multidimentional methodology... The ultimate worldwide impact of TRIZ upon technology driven businesses could easily match the impact of CAD system on new product design." by James P. Dunn, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Technology Commercialization, A NASA Regional Technology Transfer Office


TRIZ Specialist
Mr. Kraev (Krasnoslobodtsev) has 23 years of varied experience as a TRIZ Consultant and TRIZ Solver, Project Manager, Principal Engineer, Professor Associate, Scientific Researcher. He has wide experience of the scientific and innovation management in the international corporations and companies such as Samsung Electronics Co. (South Korea), SMC Corporation (Japan), Ford Motor Co. (USA). He has extensive experience in the application, teaching and development of TRIZ using software. He has experience and knowledge of the using TRIZ in Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), in Value Engineering Analysis (VEA). With a Mechanical and Electromechanical Engineering background, his main directions of activity are TRIZ, Robotics, Automation, and Aerohydrodynamics. He is the author of 154 scientific publications in CIS and abroad, including 110 inventions and 5 books including TRIZ field and is a Certified Specialist in TRIZ. He exhibits excellent facilitation skills with innovation management in more than 40 projects at Samsung Electronics Company. He has excellent communication skills and is a good team player.

More than 20 years of experience in practical innovation management and engineering work. The last three years have been working as principal engineer and triz-consultant in Samsung Electronics Co. To present day have been innovation manager and consultant in more 40 projects in the fields of printing, computers, robotics, digital cameras, optical lens, LCD, and TV Set productions, home appliance (air conditioners, air cleaners, washing machines, refrigerates). During this working period 55 own patents applications were applied and some of them are used in production of company. He actively participated in TRIZ training more than 70 engineers of Samsung Electronics Co. He was awarded twice the Award of Excellence in Engineering from Samsung Electronics Co. in 2002 and 2003.


Richard-2013Richard Langevin is the CEO and principal owner of Technical Innovation Center Inc. (TIC) incorporated in 1995. His primary responsibilities included Administration, Finance, Marketing, Training and Product Development. He is also a Founder, of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies in 1998. The Institute is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization to export the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) for the benefit of mankind. In 2000, Mr. Langevin became the Executive Director and Treasurer of the Institute. He attended Iowa State University on a full NROTC Regular Scholarship and graduated with a BS in Physics and Education. His diverse background in military and private sector provide a rich background and perspective.

In 2010, Mr. Langevin was a founder of Spirit of Knowledge Charter School – a STEM oriented public school - and became the Chair of the Board of Trustees.




                                                Our valued Associates


 Valery Kraev Gunter Ladewig



Gunter Ladewig, owner of PRIMA Performance Ltd. In Ontario Canada.

Industry experience: From very small to Fortune 500 companies, ranging from high tech electronics, food processing, steel mills, cast iron: sand mold & core foundries, automotive, polymer molding, household goods, automation/robotics, custom equipment manufacturing, and banking.                                                             

Operational efficiency improvement: Lean manufacturing/profit improvement: Employee involvement, coaching/training, value stream mapping, value analysis/engineering, TOC, DOE, root cause analysis, elimination of waste, kanbans, work cells, single piece flow, ‘smoothed’ flow, SMED, and six sigma problem solving.            

Product and process renaissance: With an international network of scientists, university contacts, engineers, and craftsmen, we provide turnkey, breakthrough solutions with expertise in: TRIZ, technology due diligence, technology forecasting, product differentiation, innovation potential assessments, competitive analyses, modeling, simulation, Taguchi robust design, CAD, DFM/R, all the way to proof-of-concept prototype builds.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS- Government of Canada Award for Business Excellence:

1990 IBM Gold Award for Productivity (Lean manufacturing), and

1993 IBM Gold Award for Quality (Six sigma quality).

Winner of IBM’s 1992 Innovation Invitational.

Author, PDMA, Product Development Management Association, Toolbook 3