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40 Principles

40 Principles
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TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation

Author: Genrikh Altshuller
With new material by: Lev Shulyak
Drawings by: Uri Fedoseev
Translated and edited by: Lev Shulyak & Steven Rodman




This illustrated book of the TRIZ 40 Principles is a "How to" book in learning about the 40 principles and how to use them in developing solution concepts for technical contradictions. Graphics used in this 1st edition book are the same illustrations used by Altshuller in his TRIZ workshops. These rich and diverse illustrations show how each of the 40 Principles can be used to resolve a technical contradiction.


"This book provides a turbo-powered additive to anyone's thought process for creating change."
Jerry L. Spight, President, Prizm Q, Inc.


"TRIZ is a treasure."
George M. Prince, Co-founder of Synectics, Inc.


"TRIZ can help technical innovation in a systematic way and help corporations and individuals reach their peak potential."
Daniel Burrus, Burrus Research Associates, Inc.


"This is the latest offering by Lev Shulyak, translator of Genrich Altshuller's And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared. The book concentrates on one of Altshuller's revolutionary discoveries: 40 universal inventive principles that serve as solutions to the most complex technical conflicts ever experienced by engineers, scientists, inventors and other problem solvers. In this book, dozens of easy-to-understand, graphical examples of these principles are included. I highly recommend 40 Principles as another important resource for readers who are new to the TRIZ approach, as well as for seasoned TRIZ practitioners."
James Kowalick, Founder, Renaissance Leadership Institute (RLI), and Instructor at California Institute of Technology


"Another wonderful translation just right for the TRIZ novice. The cartoons are sheer delight!"
Larry Smith Manager, Ford Motor Co.


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