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Ballad of the Stars

Ballad of the Stars
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Stories of Science Fiction and TRIZ Imagination

Authors: Genrikh Altshuller [writing as G. Altov] and Valentina Zhuravlyova

A Classic Collection of Visionary Soviet Science Fiction by the Creators of TRIZ


-A scientist faces a heartbreaking decision: after twenty years preparing an experiment to allow faster-than-light travel, he must now choose between his experiment and the lives of three men.
-A futurologist struggles with the problem of increasingly rapid technological obsolescence - and finds his solutions in a toy.
-A young psychologist teaches her friend to solve scientific problems through the methodology of Ultraimagination, and gives carte blanche to a young inventor to build a machine, the purpose of which must be determined solely by observation and intuition.
-...and more

Seven different stories, from two of the former Soviet Union's best-known writers, that probe the most difficult and rewarding explorations: the mind's leap into the unknown in search of new theoretical discoveries. Science itself is the main subject of these stories - man's interaction with science, his pursuit of it, and his endless fascination with it. The authors lead us through the common yet alien terrain of the human mind to tell us as much about who and what we are as about where we are headed. These are the innovative and poetic tales that created a whole new genre of science fiction - far reaching, visionary fantasy.

Genrich Altshuller, writing as G. Altov, worked on these stories with Valentina Zhuravlyova while developing the fundamental framework of his magnum opus TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). In addition to their power as stories, they also stand as illuminating teachings in TRIZ philosophy and methodology.

This new edition also includes essays on the relationship between science fiction and TRIZ, a powerful tool for innovation and scientific forecasting.


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