Product Development and Innovation using TRIZ

16 hour Workshop

The innovation community is woven from a fabric of practicing professionals, academic researchers, professors and students and those service providers that support corporations with their innovation and product development expertise. We are passionate about extending the reach and impact of our TRIZ research and best practices by engaging you in this 2-day Workshop.


In this 2 day Workshop, we will learn some basic TRIZ tools and apply these techniques to developing next generation of products. These new tools and concepts should allow you to systematically sustain your innovation and product development processes.

TRIZ tools and concepts:

TRIZ tools that will be studied and applied include:

  • Levels of innovation
  • Lines of Evolution
  • Functional Analysis


During this Workshop, we will explore the above TRIZ tools and apply them to various sample problems. We will also exercise your new skills to your own problems that are relevant to your business.

Outcome of Workshop:

Upon completeion of this Workshop you have have a better understanding of:

  1. how systems evolve,
  2. how products or processes can be modified to achieve new benefits,
  3. how next generation of products can be planned and delivered strategically.


This Workshop is availible when 5 or more attendees can be gathered.


The cost for this 2 day program is $1,300 per person, $1,200 p/p for 2 people and $1,100 p/p for 3 or more from the same company. This includes course materials and the book “And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared.”


A $500 non refundable deposit per person is required to reserve a seat for the scheduled training. Balance is due before completion of the training. Substitutions or postponements are allowed.

Hotel Accommodations
Holiday Inn Express at 110 Summer Street, (about $105). Recently renovated for your convenience with FREE breakfast.

  • For reservations, call: 508-757-0400. Use our Corporate ID: 100212856 or mention Technical Innovation Center Workshop.

Workshop will be held in the Holiday Inn Express in Room #420 — the Worcester Room.