TRIZ Systematic Innovation in Business & Management

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TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is a powerful methodology which is able to improve a company’s top-line and bottom-line. The top-line refers to a company’s gross sales or revenues, whereas the bottom-line is a company’s net earnings or net profits. The uniqueness of TRIZ is its ability to provide a structured and systematic approach, coupled with a suite of tools to enhance both top-line and bottom-line results. TRIZ can be used for creating new products to generate sales or making processes more efficient and effective to reduce operating costs and expenses. TRIZ also enhances management capabilities by transforming a good manager to a great manager by acquiring tools to recognize contradictions when they arise and solve them without compromise. In summary, TRIZ is a philosophy, process, and suite of tools. A total of 11 TRIZ tools (Function Analysis, Cause & Effect Chain Analysis, Perception Mapping, Ideality, S-curve, Trends of Engineering System Evolution, Trimming, Feature Transfer, Function Oriented Search, 9-Windows, and Engineering Contradiction) are discussed in detail. Numerous examples and case studies are used to illustrate TRIZ applications in accelerating the ability to predict product, process, and service trends; identify unique value propositions for new products or services; circumvent patents of competitors; and solve age-old or chronic problems in both business and management fields.



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