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The main goal of this training program is to help you or your company become more innovative and competitive through the understanding and utilization of the proven TRIZ methodology. The program is designed to develop a basic awareness of TRIZ among key management and technical personnel. We believe learning takes place best with a “hands-on” approach. Therefore, all of our training contains elements of teaching and application. TIC strives to make our customers competent and confident in the application of TRIZ.

We have move our training from live to virtual (ZOOM) because of the pandemic. The good aspect of this format is that you can learn TRIZ at your own pace and the instructor will be your mentor. Sitting in a room for 3 days and trying to absorb a deluge of new information is not the best way to learn TRIZ.

We have restructured the Workshop such that it will deliver the same great information but at a controlled pace and over a longer period of time. We also make ourselves available for more individual mentoring. I am confident that you will find this new, virtual course will deliver skills that you can use right away and feel confident in the application.

This Workshop will make you a more valuable member of your organization, increase your contribution to team and to yourself.

This training includes two books: And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared and 40 Principles: Extended Edition. You will also get a copy of the slides used for this training. Any additional handouts or quizzes will be emailed to you.

FEES: $3,500 USD is the fee for the virtual Workshop. $250 USD fee will be assessed if you wish to take the Associate certification exam.

Refund Policy: You can receive a 80% refund if you quit the Workshop before the 5th session. You may keep the books for your efforts.

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