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"The Innovation Algorithm" used ARIZ, TRIZ's problem solving algorithm that is the result of more than 20 years of research and analysis. It has the potential to produce creativity and innovation of the highest order, and this book is saturated with profound thoughts, insights, and convincing examples. "The Innovation Algorithm" is often regarded as Altshuller's magnum opus, his ultimate handbook for a creative and technological revolution. (320 pages) Retails for $75.

The "Technology for Innovation" written by Isak Bukhman is on of the best current TRIZ books available. Isak provides numerous examples of TRIZ theory and ubiquitous color pictures. The science of system development is based on the laws of evolution and best practices of thousands of developers and scientists. This is considered one the most comprehensive and detailed presentation of the TRIZ methodology in print. (362 pages) Retails for $100.

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