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This event will provide current thinking about Artificial Intelligence and TRIZ applications. All who wish to learn more about TRIZ and get more information about the "Intersection of TRIZ and Artificial Intelligence."

Speakers include:

Sid Ahmed Benraouane Ph.D., Keynote speaker -- "The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: An ISO Perspective"

Darrell Mann, "TRIZ versus The Global Descent Into AI-Driven Totalitarianism"

Simon Dewulf, Ph.D., - "PROFUN – a property function neural net"

Isak Bukhman, TRIZ Master - "Creative Person Development" (CPD)

Peter Hanik, President of Pretium, -" Empowering Inventive Problem Solving with Artificial Intelligence Systems"

Dr. Anatoly Agulyansky and Alex Agulyansky, - "Harnessing AI for effective problem solving and innovation"

David C. Bonner, President/CEO, Ideation International, - "Ideation AI Application for Complexity Management"

Zinovy Royzen, TRIZ Master, - "Enhancing TOP-TRIZ Problem Solving with AI"

Denis Cavallucci, Ph.D.- "Towards an ambitious and increasingly realistic research: the intelligent machine as an invention assistant"

Viesturs Tamužs, Chair of Cryptocurrency institution Globitex (Latvia) "Was Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamato a TRIZ practitioner?"

Isak Bukhman, TRIZ Master - “Creative Imagination Development” (CID)

Jason Wang, CEO, IMA Innocloud Technologies - Innovation 4.0 Digital, Automated, and Intelligent Engineering


TRIZCON2023 is the main revenue generator for the Altshuller Institute.

Upon purchasing this item, a link to the file will be emailed to you for viewing the entire conference. The file is set up so that you can skip to the presentations that you wish to see.

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