TRIZ Team Development


Developing a corporate TRIZ team is the best way to perpetuate a consistent innovation program and keep your best engineers working on a host of the most significant problems from all areas of your organization. Leveraging your best people to resovle your most difficult challenges is the best way to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.This requires a longterm commitment and support from management to build stability for the future.

The benefits of a TRIZ Team provides:
  1. Stability of your innovation effort
  2. Expedite problem resolution
  3. Breaking down silo mentality
  4. Crosstraining among divisions
  5. Improving productivity
  6. Fostering team spirit and cooperation among divisions.

This program develops Associates, Practitioners, and Specialists to solve a wide range of inventive problems during the intstruction time period. The classroom and project oriented training will take about 8-12 months for Modules 1-5.

Expert level may take another 1-2 years, mayby longer. It is the highest level of TRIZ expertise and is based on demonstrated ability and current certification requirements, which are subject to change. Certification guideline are developed by the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, Inc., Worcester, MA (

Location / Registration

Classes are held at your designated location. Classes begin at 8:30 AM.
Contact TIC for additional information and to arrange for onsite training


All graduates will receive certification from the Altshuller Institute.


All courses are customized to meet the client’s individual needs. Contact us for a quote based upon your individual needs.


By incorporating solving in-house company problems within the training program, client should anticipate recovering more than the cost of the training fees.

Course Level Certification Equivalent Contents Skills After Education Training Time Training Modules Project Time
Introductory [Elementary]

20 - 30 students per class

50 - 75 students trained
TRIZ Basic Theory and Tools:

1. Inventive Principles and Altshuller's Matrix (Classical Matrix)
2. Su-Field Analysis and Modeling Preview
3. Lines of Evolution
4. Introductory Inventive Standards Preview
5. Technical Contradictions with examples
6. Physical Contradictions and Separation Principles
7. Functional Modeling
8. Ideal Final Result with examples
9. ARIZ (just concept)
Ability to solve "elementary inventive" problems with application TRIZ tools
25 - 40 hrs
20 - 25 hrs
General [Undergraduate]

10 - 15 students
1. ARIZ Application Course
2. Inventive Standards Course
3. Application of Effects
4. Evolution Product Development
5. TRIZ based on software
6. Develop and solve Problems
Ability to solve midlevel inventive problems with application TRIZ and ARIZ

Solve 6 - 10 in-house problems in teams
60 - 80 hrs
2 & 3
40 - 50 hrs
Applied [Graduate]

5 - 7 students
1. Applied ARIZ with Value Engineering Analysis, Six Sigma and other innovation methodologies
2. Applied Inventive Software and Databases
Hands-on work with real-life problem solving (at least two projects).
Ability to solve high-level inventive problems with application TRIZ and ARIZ

Solve 2 in-house problems individually and show the ROI of these projects.

Individual will be able to lead a TRIZ Team and train new trainees. May need additional mentoring from time to time.
60 - 80 hrs
4 & 5
40 - 50 hrs
Advanced [Postgraduate] (for Advanced Trainers)

1 - 3 students
1. Development TRIZ Innovation Management Network at your company
2. Practical application of TRIZ in joint projects of your company
3. TRIZ specialization for solving technical problems, innovation management, patent strategy development and competitive patent avoidance, forecasting next technical generation products
4. Newest logics/algorithms, tools, software, developments in TRIZ.
Ability to use TRIZ not only for technical problem solving, but also for management problems. Teach other TRIZ users to apply and to develop the newest TRIZ tools.
More than 1-2 years of mentoring and support. AI has not defined or published their requirements for Expert.
As required