CHANGE is not your enemy, it's an OPPORTUNITY

We believe that with the right tools and some training, people can become 10-30% more innovative and productive.

A founder and supporter of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies.

Certification is provided through the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies.

“We have the solutions for your problems

Our Impact

Technical Innovation Center believes that all men and women seek to be more creative and innovative. TRIZ energizes and expedites the process of innovation. Everything that you do in our life and any decision that you make will be better and more effective when you apply TRIZ. TRIZ alters the critical thinking of people that learn and use it.
The Mission of the Altshuller Institute is to grow productivity while reducing starvation, disease, poverty and suffering in the world. Join us in making this world a better place for all mankind. TRIZ is the tool, you are the force and the product is a better world for our children.

Technical Innovation Center, Inc., (TIC), specializes in providing an array of comprehensive TRIZ training programs, custom solution packages,
and publications for your product development or process improvements needs.

Are you looking for Innovation, creativity and quality?

TRIZ can solve your innovative problems better, cheaper and faster.
They are vital resources for businesses exposed to globalization, increasing competition, diversity among consumers and rapidly changing technology. Tomorrow’s competitive success is based upon today’s cutting edge creative/innovative ideas and rapid delivery of these ideas to market. Use TRIZ, a disruptive technology, to turbo-charge your other quality and innovation programs. TRIZ does not compete with pre-existing efforts, it compliments other improvement systems to amplify your efforts. Work smarter with the additional tools that TRIZ provides. With TRIZ, a technology for innovation, you can evolve systems for commercial, defense and intelligence applications more quickly and with better results. Sustained innovation and product development can be a systematic process. You can provide a stream of new products and increase your market share when you apply TRIZ to your company’s needs

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For EDUCATION and STEM Our traditional education system has done a good job of teaching language and mathematics.

Innovation and creativity can be learned

If you have an innovative problem that has not been solved satisfactorily and is causing your big headaches, let TIC partner with you and your team to solve this ongoing issue. TRIZ can be used to improve the lives of everyone, not just engineers, who take the time to learn and apply parts of this powerful methodology. Browse our website, read about TRIZ and imagine what your organization could do with a comprehensive TRIZ training program and mentoring from TIC. To learn more about our services, contact us:

Innovation Algorithm
And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared
40 Principles: Extended Edition

What the attendees are saying:

Very good interaction between class members and instructor. Discussion and reflection are required to settle the material and the concepts.”
Poulsen, Innovation Manager, GEA, Denmark (2015)

“Good content for an introductory course. Your were spot on about seeing product development everywhere I look.”
Kreg Worrest, Field Engineer, Mil Tec.

Perspective and methodologies are illuminating. I look forward to using this knowledge.
John LaCarrubba, Healthcare Compliance Specialist, Stericycle, Inc. (2015)

“Excellent workshop! I am very excited to have practical tools and methods that my students can use to develop innovative medical devices.”
Lars Gilbertson, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering Department, Tulane University (2014)


TRIZ Certification

TRIZ Certification is one of the cornerstones services offered by Technical Innovation Center (TIC)

Certification is a verification of the achievement that individuals have attained a level of accomplishment and expertise in the TRIZ world.

TIC certifies in accordance with the Altshuller Institute (AI), one of two international certification organizations in the world, the Altshuller Institute is serious about maintaining a high level of standards and verification.

This effort will protect the validity of certification and the integrity of the process. You must pass a test administered by an AI proctor to earn your certification.

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