What is TRIZ?​

TRIZ is a premier disruptive technology for innovation that can be used throughout many industries and sciences. Elements of TRIZ can be effectively used by a wide range of people -- from children to adults. The genesis of TRIZ is derived from empirical data, patents -- the documentation of how inventive people solved inventive problems. This activity laid the foundation for an analytical approach to solving inventive problems, later becoming the foundation for TRIZ.
Another exciting result of Altshuller's theory was that inventiveness and creativity could be learned, and this realization could alter the paradigm psychological model of individual creativity.
Why is TRIZ important?

Problem solving is a fundamental life skill, like language and mathematics, which all people need and use every day. Most individuals’ problem solving skills are at the juvenile level. Problem solving or critical thinking skills are not taught in schools, and there is not even a place on the library bookshelves devoted to the problem solving process.

            TRIZ can provide a systematic process for improving the resourcefulness and imagination needed for competing in the 21st century. Learning and innovation skills separate students prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century from those who are not.

They include:
  1. Creativity and Innovation

  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  3. Communication and Collaboration