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Virtual TRIZ Associate Training Program for Individuals (Multi-session)
TRIZ Associate Training Program for Individuals (Virtual multi-session training in ten, 3 hour sessions)

Our robust virtual Workshop will give participants an excellent grasp of the foundational TRIZ methods and will prepare participants for the Associate Certification exam from the Altshuller Institute (Est in 1998). Technical Innovation Center wishes to teach you problem-solving and innovative techniques to enhance your capacities to perform at a higher level and become a more valuable contributor to yourself, team, and employer. Other TRIZ workshops are taught in 3–5 day data dumps. Trying to learn a comprehensive toolset crammed into a short time is not how most participants effectively internalize new material. Our training is close to one-on-one training, a tremendous value for individuals who are serious about learning a powerful innovation tool. An extended training approach gives attendees more time to assimilate new knowledge and work on exercises between sessions to re-enforce learning. Each training session will last about 3 hours, followed by exercises to support the lesson. There are over 40 hours of training and exercises to cover the material plus assignments. Our goal is to make our attendees competent and confident in using the material offered in this Workshop. Sessions are flexible and can be individually scheduled for the mutual convenience of the participant and the instructor. Sessions can be schedule for one or two sessions per week. “Once you learn TRIZ, you will never see the world in the same way”

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Participants who complete this virtual, multi-session Workshop are prepared to take and pass the TRIZ Associate examination, having covered all mandatory TRIZ concepts. With continued training and experience, participants may achieve Practitioner, Specialist and eventually TRIZ Expert status.

  • TRIZ Associate Certification
  • Appreciation for TRIZ Tools for solving problems by generating solution concepts
  • Identification of the correct problem/s for resolution.
  • Develop confidence in using TRIZ and establish a foundation for further study.

“Very good interaction between class members and instructor. Discussion and reflection is required to settle the materail and the concepts.” Poulsen, Innovation Manager, GEA, Denmark (2015)

“Provided an excellent opportunity to learn about TRIZ. The content was rich – both broadly applied and in-depth. The format was engaing with great discussion to help bridge the theory and the practice.” Pierce, Program Director, Oregon University of Technology, USA (2015)

 “Training was relevant to helping engineers improve their ability to problem-solve. I also found many of the underlying lessons infromative for my own unique type of innovation, where I am innovating with new types of knowledge rather than new patents. I found the idea of actively searching for and resolving contradictions of systems to be an applicable to innovating in other non-technical systems”. Cromwell, Harvard Businee School, Doctoral Student (2015)

“Great interactivity–rarely felt like a lecture. Examples we did were excellent at Illustrating the benfits of TRIZ”. Pinc, Research Scientist, Owens-Illinois (2015)

The cost for this virtual 40 hour program is $4,000 per person. This includes training materials – course material, annual membership in AI, Associate certification testing fee* and the book “40 Principles: TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation.”                                                                                                                                              *Certification is from the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies (AI), Worcester, MA.

A $1,000, non-refundable deposit per person is required to reserve your scheduled training. The balance is of your fees are due upon on the commence of your training.

A 50% discount per person for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th attendees from the same company attending the same workshop dates.

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Onsite training for larger groups (10 or more trainees)

Instructor fee is $4,500 per day plus $300 per person for training materials & book (maximum group of 20 trainees) PLUS all transportation and lodging expenses. A $5,000 nonrefundable deposit plus estimated travel expense are required 60 days prior to training date. Training date is based on customer requirements. If trainee wishes to take the Altshuller Institute Associate certification test, an additional fee of $300 per person is required. Balance of fees are due upon completion of training. Invoice will be provided for balance of fees and expenses.

TRIZ Training Schedule

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