“I found the methodology (TRIZ) to be incredibly useful from a technical standpoint and absolutely fascinating from an academic standpoint.” Johnathan Cromwell, Doctoral Student, Management, Harvard Business School – 5/15/15


“Great course – I would not have made as much progress on my own. Face to face interaction and ability to have Q&A was valuable.” Lars Gilbertson, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering Dept. Tulane University. – 2/15/14


TRIZ can help technical innovation in a systematic way and help corporations and individuals reach their peak potential.” by Daniel Burrus, Burrus Research Associates, Inc.


TRIZ is a treasure.” by George Prince, Co-founder of Synnectics, Inc.


TRIZ provides a turbo-powered additive to anyone’s thought process for creating chnage.” by Jerry L. Spight, President, Prizm Q, Inc.


The true power of TRIZ cannot be measured by words alone, for it is such a diverse multidimentional methodology… The ultimate worldwide impact of TRIZ upon technology driven businesses could easily match the impact of CAD system on new product design.” by James P. Dunn, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Technology Commercialization, A NASA Regional Technology Transfer Office